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RiteFlo® is the mobile flow calculation tool engineers can count on. Rain for Rent’s RiteFlo app is a set of hydraulic estimation tools for the field or the office. The application consists of four highly useful mobile calculation tools for water and wastewater professionals.

Download RiteFlo from iTunes

Download RiteFlo from the Google Play Store for Android Devices. 


Matching your specific field hydraulic calculation needs to desired Rain for Rent equipment is easy with RiteFlo's:

Friction Loss Calculator

  • Quickly calculate pipe, fitting and total friction losses for pumped hydraulic systems.
  • “Pipe Economy” calculations facilitate relative performance and cost comparisons of selected pipe diameter against one size larger and smaller supporting “at-a-glance” decision making.

 TDH Calculator

  • Estimate the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) required for your hydraulic pumping systems.
  • Based on Hazen-Williams equations, simply enter the hydraulic parameters of your pumping system, and the app will return the required TDH.

Rain for Rent Pump Selector

  • Recommends a suitable pump from the Rain for Rent product catalogue based on user-entered hydraulic data.
  • Each pump is displayed with its characteristic pump curve and technical operating specs.
  • User-data is translated into a “recommended” pump, complete with a Pump Curve with the custom and dynamically plotted Duty Point and NPSHA requirements.
  • Estimate pump running costs by simply selecting fuel costs and pumping time.

Gravity Flow Logger

  • The Flow Logger is easy-to-use gravity sewer inspection tool for field personnel.
  • Onboard app database catalogs and organizes all your field inspections.
  • Automatic pipe flow calculation based on user entered pipe-fullness levels.
  • Inspection photos taken with the app are automatically stored next to your inspection record.

RiteFlo comes with a convenient Project Management system, which allows you to build, manage and share different hydraulic scenarios for a particular job site or location over time – and save those measurements for future reference.

Other features of RiteFlo include:

  • Sharing of selected calculation and user input values between the some of the four app components.
  • Select from numerous combinations of standard pipe materials and pipe sizes.
  • Automatic conversion of nominal pipe sizes to actual hydraulic radii for true precision.
  • Device Location Services option from GPS satellite, cell tower or Wifi streamlines supports rapid NPSH estimation and allows users to request a pump quote (subject to device and available services).
  • Piping materials used in calculator are compliant with AWWA Standards for municipal water/wastewater systems.
  • The full range of technical specs is listed on the “in-app” product website (select “i" button from “Home” screen).
  • US units only.

Please Note: Any and all costing information predicted by the application is for rough costing purposes and should only be used as an estimate to support decision-making. Equipment components from Rain for Rent field catalogue are subject to availability and terms of use.