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  • HDPE Pipe


We offer the nation's largest supply of rental HDPE pipe and Poly Pipe with over 10,000 miles available to rent for industrial, municipal and a variety of other applications. See specs below. Request a quote today.

HDPE pipe is available in diameters from 1 inch to 42 inches in a variety of wall thicknesses, depending on your need. Our HDPE come standard with fusible ends and Bauer-fitted ends. Unless otherwise requested, pipe is produced to ASTM A-3408. 
HDPE Pipe is often used in:

  • Temporary sewer bypass pipeline
  • Construction pipeline
  • Waste water pipeline
  • Mining
  • Environmental
  • Temporary potable water
  • Slurries

  • We offer HDPE pipe in a variety of diameters and with a variety of SDR ratings.
  • Heat fused joining for a leak-proof, fully restrained joint, see our HDPE fusion services
  • Cost effective
  • Corrosion, biological, and chemical resistant
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Excellent weatherability

  • Spillguard
  • HDPE Fusion Services
  • Valves

  • Chemical resistant
  • Small to large diameters
  • Heat Fused
  • Weather and impact resistant
  • Fatigue and surge resistant
  • Hydraulically smooth

Case Studies

Case Studies

All case studies
  1. 6 billion gallons removed from flooded mine

    Flooded Quarry's equipment saved by emergency pumping.Details
  2. Mine benefits with forced evaporation system

    Removal of arsenic, salt from lake aided by evaporation.Details
  3. Floating Pumps Bypass Floodwaters, Save Louisiana Parish Homes

    Heavy winter storm tolls lessened by unique floating pump solution.Details
  4. Underground creek bypass keeps airport open during construction

    50 CFS underground creek bypass allows uninterrupted flight service at regional airport. Details
  5. 150 Million Gallon Water Transfer in 10 Days Aids Drought-Stricken CA Area

    Canal flow of 30 CFS reversed in Central California using Rain for Rent's 28,000 GPM pumps.Details
  6. Boston’s Muddy River Restoration Requires 100 CFS Bypass

    Years-long project will prevent flooding and upgrade water quality.Details
  7. Power Plant Dewaters Fly Ash Pond To Comply with EPA Regulations

    Removal of water allows soil to dry to excavate and dry ponds.Details
  8. Filtration System Removes Solids During Fly Ash Pond Dewatering

    Discharge of five acre pond met at 30PPM.Details
  9. Revolutionary Fusion Machine Simplifies 54” HDPE Pipeline Installation

    Farm's aging steel pipeline replaced quickly between harvest seasons.Details
  10. 100,000 GPM Bypass Restores Water for City Inundated by Hurricane Flooding

    Three pumps create a system to bypass the primary pump station during flood repairs. Details