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  1. How can I pipe water from my large chicken manure lagoons to fields and crop land about a mile away? Details

    Removing water from your lagoons on a dairy or chicken farm is a common practice that prevents surface runoff when your lagoon is too full. Rain for Rent can set up a system design to meet your overflow needs quickly to prevent flooding or potential EPA fines.

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  2. How can I determine a good, movable pre-wet system for crop growth? Details

    Growing crops requires precise irrigation and water placement. Rain for Rent offers complete irrigation design and engineering. A good pre-wet system needs reliable mainline and strategically placed lateral runs. An efficient clear water agricultural pump can make the difference in the growth of crops. An engineered system from Rain for Rent can provide the best use of every inch of your land and even allow for movement around your land.

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  3. How can I set up temporary irrigation for large park renovation projects? Details

    Rain for Rent is known for irrigation. We provide a wide variety of irrigation systems for temporary and permanent applications. Rain for Rent manufactures our own aluminum pipe for temporary applications, but also designs and sells systems that are permanently installed for agriculture, municipal, construction and any other large-scale irrigation need.

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