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Filtration Solutions

  1. How can I bypass our gravity sand filters for inspection? Details

    Permanent filtration systems in wastewater collection require rigorous testing to ensure their efficiency and reliability. Don't risk shutting down your entire operations for these vital tests. Rain for Rent provides a complete line of temporary portable sand media filtration, particulate filtration and bag filtration units that can be scaled to any effluent flow requirements.

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  2. What pump should I use to flush and purge a Geothermal Field Loop? Details

    Geothermal Field Loops are often used to heat and cool homes. From time to time, the liquid used in those systems needs to be purged, cleaned and filtered. Rain for Rent has a complete line or portable centrifugal and high-head rental pumps that can be specified to your purging project. Whether our smaller duty DV80c three-inch pump for smaller Geothermal Field Loop system purging, or larger pumps, our sales engineers will help you pick the perfect pump to safely purge your system.

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  3. How can I best discharge dewatering fluid from my construction jobsite? Details

    In a continually evolving world of federal and state environmental requirements, the ability to discharge water on or near your jobsite requires attention to all regulations. Rain for Rent trains its sales force to be up to date, and help you comply with all environmental regulations for dewatering discharge. Sand media, bag and cartridge filtration units can be easily designed into a dewatering system to save you money by eliminating water transportation costs. For PCB remediation and superfund sites, Rain for Rent employs a veteran team of pumping and filtration experts to save you time.

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  4. How can Rain for Rent help with municipal water heat exchanger hydrotesting? Details

    Municipal heat exchangers require a large quantity of water for hydrotesting purposes. Rain for Rent offers complete water storage and filtration systems that permits a municipal entity, or its selected contract hydrotest company, the chance to save water and conserve water on large hydrotest projects. By using steel frac tanks to capture used hydrotest water and running it through a filtration system, used hydrotest water is quickly filtered and clean. This will speed up your hydrotest process, making the water ready for re-use or environmentally friendly discharge.

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  5. How can a contractor filter HVAC hydrotest water? Details

    A contractor testing the plumbing and HVAC system in a 13 story building reached out to Rain for Rent. The test water had to be pumped through the building’s pipes and then directed to a temporary tank. From there it would be filtered to meet city standards and discharged into the sewage treatment system.

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  6. How can I avoid costs in transporting contaminated fluid? Details

    An environmental remediation contractor was hired to treat soil at an aging automobile service station. The contractor needed to pump groundwater to a tank, pass it through a carbon filter, then discharge to the publicly owned treatment system. The temporary nature of this Rain for Rent designed system allowed the environmental contractor to save money on fluid transportation fees and treat the contaminated soil and water on site.

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  7. How can Rain for Rent help me reduce iron in produced water? Details

    With the cost of fuel continually rising, a contractor approached Rain for Rent for a solution to reduce iron levels from thousands of feet of aging pipeline. The high levels of iron prevented safe disposal through the public treatment system. Using media filtration and portable water quality monitoring the water could be continually filtered until it reached iron levels safe enough for discharge into sewer treatment.

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